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This is the first flashlight in the Walther Pro series that emits only ultraviolet light (the 5 W UV hi-power LED has a wavelength of 395 nm). UV light, also called black light, is used for checking the authenticity of bank notes and identification papers, and geocachers use it for detecting invisible marks on caches. The UV5 is supplied with three AAA alkaline batteries (1.5 V), but its multi-battery system (MBS) also allows the use of other power sources such as rechargeable batteries. Comes with battery box (3 x AAA), battery holder for 1 x ICR18650 or 2x CR123, a holster and replacement seals.

  • Wavelength
    • 395 (100 %) nm
  • Chip
    • 5W-UV High Power LED
  • Battery type
    • 3 x AAA, 1.2 V
  • Light duration
    • 3:30 (100%) h
  • Range
    • 28 (100%) m
  • Length
    • 145 mm
  • Weight
    • 140 g
  • Accessories
    • battery
      battery box for all battery options

In 2009 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the „Flashlight Basic Performance Standard“ (FL1). Now one can compare flashlights of different manufacturers with neutral means. This Flashlight is made and tested according to ANSI FL1.

Item-no.: 3.7077
Walther PRO UV5
ultraviolet light

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