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The SL66r, a member of the Slim Line series, produces a beam of 950 lumens with its rechargeable ICR 18650 lithium-ion battery. The Pro switching sequence (100, 40 and 10 percent plus Tactical Defense Strobe) ensures easy use. The multi-battery system gives users a choice between two powerful CR123 batteries or inexpensive AAA batteries (regular or rechargeable). Watertight with a rating of IPX8. The flashlight comes with an ICR 18650 rechargeable battery and a wide range of accessories for all charging situations.

  • Brightness (Ansi)
    • 950 / 380 / 95 (100% / 40% / 10%) lumens
  • Chip
    • Cree XP - L
  • Battery type
    • 1 x ICR 18650 Li-Ion
  • Light duration
    • 3:00 / 5:10 / 17 (100% / 40% / 10%) h
  • Range
    • 220 / 155 / 65 (100% / 40% / 10%) m
  • Length
    • 140 mm
  • Weight
    • 85 g
  • Accessories
    • battery, clip, holster, lanyard
      charging cradle, power charger, car charging adapter, USB cable
      battery box for all battery options

In 2009 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the „Flashlight Basic Performance Standard“ (FL1). Now one can compare flashlights of different manufacturers with neutral means. This Flashlight is made and tested according to ANSI FL1.

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Item-no.: 3.7099
Walther PRO SL66R
max. 950 Lumens

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